Freight Auditing Services

Post Freight Invoice Auditing & ongoing Carrier Invoice Reconciliation

Carrier Invoice Reconciliation

Many clients will either spend hours manually reconciling their freight invoices, or spot check the unusual or high price consignments. This can take many hours poring over invoices to check errors.

We provide a Carrier Invoice Reconciliation service (C.I.R.) for our clients that utilises a combination of automated freight invoice reporting & our expert analysts’ support services that assist by trouble shooting issues with your data and with your carriers, and include credit report processes to ensure you only pay what you should.

Our software programs such as Carrier Check can reconcile thousands of consignments within seconds, dramatically speeding up the C.I.R. process, minimising human error, and ensuring all potential overcharges are caught. This service creates a comprehensive, cost effective, efficient system combining human expertise and sophisticated software programming.



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We have many case studies that can provide examples of the kinds of savings that you can uncover through this process.

You also save:
  • by putting your staff back on core tasks that grow your business
  • by tapping into our team’s experience across many industries and all freight modes
  • by reducing internal resource, training, and labour costs


For the medium - large shipper, combining this service with our warehouse cube and weigh system, can take you to the next level of best practice freight cost reduction processes, enabling you to reinvest even more savings back into your business, and turn your freight department from a cost, to a profit centre.

This service works well with our Business Intelligence Reporting services.