Business Intelligence Reporting

Don't guess; be confident of your business outcomes with our range of reports

Business Intelligence Reports

Our Business Intelligence reports can further assist your business with analysing your freight data to inform your business decisions and provide actionable outcomes.

Let the facts, not hunches, combined with our analysts’ expert facilitation and guidance, help you to take control of your freight.

We provide a service that turns reams of data, that is impossible to read or scroll through, into meaningful, “snackable”, easy-to-interpret reports to help your executive team deliver outcomes, and establish goals for improving and growing your business.

This ongoing service ensures a continuous improvement methodology driven by your freight data, as you re-calibrate your decisions and processes based on the feedback from the next data set and by external impacts on your business.

We continue to facilitate results to interpret and act your business consultants, drawing upon our 38 years’ of freight experience.


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Freight Reports such as:

  • Client Activity and Costs i.e. Client Group Order Activities, Freight Costs as a Percentage of your Sales
  • Cost Centres, Carrier, State; or any combination thereof
  • Carrier Consignment Status (DIFOT Report); an independent, unfiltered report on freight deliveries
  • Cheapest Carrier; retrospective analysis of warehouse carrier selection, contrasting expensive selection choices against least cost carrier choice
  • Customised reports tailored to your individual business processes and requirements

Our BI Freight Reports:

  • can be aligned with your monthly reporting periods to coincide with other financial reporting activities;
  • use data visualisation such as graphs, pies, and pivot tables for ease of interpretation;
  • use internal benchmarking for ensuring business goals identified are being met and for continuous improvement;
  • are sent to your Inbox on a monthly, weekly basis; depending on requirements and report type.