Data-driven Freight Management Services

These days, managing freight goes beyond mere oversight of a pick up through to delivery and POD collection. In this digitalised, customer-centric world you need full visibility of your freight data, from one single consignment through to at-a-glance interactive dashboard reporting on the whole of your business’s distribution patterns and costs; across multiple sites, carriers and services, and incorporating data from thousands of consignments.

To do this you need advanced, niche, technological smarts, and expert freight and logistics data analysts to support you. To do this, you need Freight Controller.

With a granular level of accurate knowledge at your fingertips, and with the guidance from our team of experts, you can systematically work to optimise:

  • your freight, customer service, and warehouse operations,
  • your carrier distribution systems,
  • your freight software systems,
  • your freight pricing and spend, invoicing and payment processes.
Freight Management Services -CIW




Our aim is to help shippers to better manage their freight through increased visibility.  This leads to a higher level of control, and enables a continuous improvement methodology for your business.

Freight Review / Tender

Forecasting against historical freight data for precise outcomes; a great place to start by profiling your business to check the health of your freight processes and rates.

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Freight Auditing

A combination of software automation & expert analysts to assist with cleansing & maintaining your freight data; reports highlighting overcharges to ensure you pay only what you should.

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Freight B.I. Reporting

A range of reports using reconciled data that provide actionable insights into your business using ‘snackable’ graphs & charts, on your own interactive dashboard.

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