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Freight Business Intelligence Reporting gets MS Power BI Upgrade

Freight Controller is pleased to announce an upgrade to our Freight Business Intelligence Reporting with the implementation of MS Power BI with interactive dashboard. Read this article to learn more.


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Shipping Peak Season - 9 Tips to help you get through the Busy Period

You can feel it in the air - Peak Season has arrived! Read our article for tips on how to ensure you have a smooth busy period in your warehouse this year, keeping your customers happy with on time deliveries.

Peak Season for the Transport Industry


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Freight Audit Checklist - 10 Steps for a best practice Freight Audit

Read this article for a detailed and comprehensive Checklist on how to successfully conduct an internal Freight Audit and reclaim any overcharges from your carriers.


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Why an outsourced Freight Audit process optimises your results

There are many reasons why ultimately you will get a better result from conducting a freight audit with the assistance of external specialists with their automated, niche software systems that this article outlines.


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What is a Freight Audit (and why should you conduct one)?

Read our article on a typical Freight Auditing process with infographic and the compelling reasons for you to conduct a Freight Audit for your business...

A Freight Audit is a project for checking whether there are any discrepancies between the consignment charges on your carrier invoice and the rate cards upon which those invoice calculations are based. Commonly the Audit is conducted after the...

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