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Ongoing Carrier Invoice Reconciliation with BI Reports

Read our latest article on the subject of Freight Auditing and Carrier Invoice Reconiliation to learn about the benefits of using reconciled data for true cost analysis Business Intelligence Reporting on your monthly freight activity and how this can drive further savings.

Carrier Invoice Reconciliation

If you have started with a ‘Post Freight Audit’ as the method for kicking off your reconciliation of carrier invoices then, after that has been completed, we strongly encourage you to keep this process up via what...

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The Shipper’s New Year’s Resolutions

In this article we explore ideas around how you can improve upon what your distribution business did last year to prioritise and plan your freight projects for a bigger, brighter 2020.

Ideas for helping you plan and launch your Freight Projects for 2020


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Freight Audit: Credit Notes, Payment Process, and Logistics Errors

After you've conducted a Freight Audit, or as part of your ongoing Carrier Invoice Reconciliation process, you need to create credit notes for overcharges, manage the payment process and fix any logistics errors that lead to costing errors. Read this article to explore these aspects of Freight Auditing. 

So, the Freight Audit has been completed, (for this week, month or year; depending on the scope of what you are covering), and overcharges and errors have been found, now what?

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Freight Trends 2020 - 7 Main Disruptors to the Transportation Industry

What will the main trends in transport for the early 2020's? We've compiled a list of the 7 main freight trends for the near future and to provide insights for shippers on how they can stay ahead of the curve. 


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Freight Cost Predictions for 2020

Read our article on what to expect in 2020 and the coming decade with regard to freight costs and how you can implement system smarts to reduce the impact of rising freight prices.

Freight 'Costs Must Go Up' - How to Mitigate Freight Price Increases


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